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Erinn Diekman

When I was introduced to fusible glass almost 15 years ago, I knew I had found my medium. I love all types of materials and love the creative process.


Traditional glass painting on fusible glass, a process know as Vitrifusaille, best allows me to express myself while finding my flow.


Painting on glass is a traditional form of storytelling. I love working in this medium and telling stories inspired by the beautiful and fleeting moments in life.




Traditional painting on glass (using a vitreous paint) has been practiced for nearly one thousand years. Stained glass artists have been using the traditional glass painting techniques to illustrate religious stories in their beautifully illuminated stained glass windows. 

I learned the technique of painting on fused glass from Peter McGrain, the incredible artist who invented the process. 

I love that this process is connected to such a meaningful and beautiful history. Using this historical painting technique to represent today's culture is very important to me. 

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